Digital Classroom:
Harnessing Tech for Teachers and Students

Presented By: Jen Ellison // Phillips Elementary

Ready to power-up your digital classroom? Google, Weebly, ClassDojo, Twitter. Discover the tools, technologies and strategies to turn your classroom into a 21st Century learning environment that inspires Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Character and Citizenship. In this series you’ll learn about some of the latest free web tools that can be used to optimize classroom management and reimagine student learning.


Maker Education
“Making” Meaningful Connections to Learning

Presented By: Julie Lovie // Valley Oak High

Let’s make learning awesome by empowering students to be the engineers of their discovery. The Maker Education series is focused on providing students with hands-on learning experiences through the art of Making. Whether it’s fabrication and construction, art and digital media or prototyping and design the principals of making are universally applicable. ASK>IMAGINE>PLAN>CREATE>IMPROVE>SHARE
Join the Maker Movement and bring imagination, discovery, exploration and grit to your classroom.


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Digital Storytelling:
Leveraging Video for Learning

Presented By: Scott Marsden // American Canyon High

In the age snapchat, instagram and internet video, students are primarily digital consumers. How can we shift the paradigm and empower our students to become digital producers? Give your students the tools and skills they need to express their learning and creativity through movies and digital storytelling.


Coding & Robotics:
Learn to Code, Code to Learn

Presented By: Tammy Lee // American Canyon Middle

Do you want to bring an Hour of Code into your classroom? Are you hesitant because you have very little to no experience with coding and computer programming? Learn how simple and fun coding can be in just one workshop! All participants will be given free, web-based tools to start coding in the classroom! Workshops are set up for teachers to implement coding/robotics with their current curriculum! Many hands-on activities will be available with lesson plan templates! Find out how easy it is to have fun, make lessons cross-curricular, and promote coding/robotics into any classroom and grade level!


Startup Classroom:
Amping Up PBL for the Tech-infused Workplace

Presented By: Lisa Gottfried // New Tech High

If we are teaching Project-Based Learning, wouldn’t it be great to understand how industries and companies are designing, creating and implementing projects out in the real world?  It’s time we steal from the best!  This track is all about teaching students real world models and vocabulary for project management, collaboration and assessment, community building and networking, resource management, intergroup communication, information tracking, use of technology,  ALL these goodies, but adapted to the unique learning environment that is your classroom.  Learn when, where and how to employ startup skills and concepts, while exploring how you can adapt those skills to the needs of learners.